Global issues:

-Financial Crisis
-Global Warming
-Lack of Education

My Issues:

The world is not perfect. Asking and answering questions is one simple way to make a change. There are huge benefits in debating about policy and researching abstract phenomena, but I wonder what it is really accomplishing. Do we understand the research? Do we care enough to stay updated on current events? Hopefully, but not always. I propose a supplemental approach to solving problems that starts with a basic understanding of other people. Just question. Each answer cracks a new window of curiosity.

Reading this list makes me wish there was a way to make the world different, but that's basically impossible for any one person to accomplish. Will driving across the country solve wordly problems? Probably not, but it will expose us to a variety of people and thoughts. Establishing an open dialogue can help us understand how people think, interact, and live. I hope to provide a body of knowledge that helps us see that starting one conversation, asking one question, or exchanging one instance of eye contact is one more experience that helps us form our own beliefs and actions towards the rest of the world.

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